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Heart Health

Explore the function of the heart, the latest scientific research and whole food based nutritional support for a healthy heart.

Joint Health

Investigate the causes and symptoms of joint issues and whole food based nutritional support to help you get active and stay active.

Skin Care

Skin care regulations haven’t changed in over 80 years. Discover what to look for in a clean skin care line.

Inform, Empower,

E-learning courses to inform, empower, and motivate people towards better health. Knowledge is power, and together we can end the trend of poor health to build a better future for generations to come.

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Mark Lowman

Biologist, Formulator, Quality Expert

John R. Miller

SAB Director, Product Technologist, Researcher

Diane E. Clayton

Ph.D., Biochemist, Nutritionist, Health Practitioner

Susan Beck

Ph.D., L.Ac., CNS, Clinical Nutritionist, Nationally Certified Acupuncturist

Dr. Julie Chen

NeoLife Global Science Network

Liz Applegate

Ph.D., Nutrition, Sports Nutritionist